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Buying a vehicle isn't for everyone, especially when you want to take advantage of always having the newest models with all of the latest features. Many drivers lease their vehicles so that they are always able to drive a new car for a better rate than buying it outright, and at Orange Coast Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat, we're the top dealership when it comes to Jeep lease deals.

There's no competing with a Jeep, especially when you want to venture out onto the trails and feel the adrenaline rushing through you as you fly over obstacles and cascade over uneven terrain. When you want the most epic Jeep models with awe-inspiring features, like revolutionary off-roading capabilities, adventurous design, groundbreaking tech, and more, leasing may just be the perfect option for you. Orange Coast has you covered when you want some of the best Jeep models, as well as the best Jeep lease deals around, so if you're ready for an exhilarating journey, see why you should lease a new Jeep today.

A silver 2022 Grand Wagoneer is shown parked in the woods.

Why You Need to Lease a Jeep

Jeeps go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to serious capabilities, intense performance, and iconic designs, and when you want to be able to enjoy the most revolutionary Jeep offerings, leasing is preferred. New-age tech to navigate off-road destinations with sheer prowess and access to the latest Jeep models the moment they come out make leasing an enticing option for many drivers. Imagine always having a new vehicle, one that perfectly captures the moment, whether you're on the trails or traveling the country, without having to worry about it being outdated. With all of the advancements in the field of technology, it doesn't take long for new vehicles to become old news, which is why leasing ensures you're always able to stay on-point with the trends.

You'll also get to enjoy a vehicle that's under warranty for the entire time that you drive it, and Jeep's warranty is exceptional. Jeep has your back from standard warranties to extended options, making it easy to travel anywhere when you're leasing your Jeep. Not having to be concerned about repairs and the maintenance that goes along with owning your vehicle is a huge plus, making leasing the right option for many. Although Jeeps are built tough and ready for anything, any vehicle is bound to need repairs after a few years, which can really add up. It's just another reason why leasing a Jeep is desirable.
Another benefit of leasing that many drivers don't realize is that you're still able to modify your Jeep to fit your lifestyle needs. From roof racks to off-road kits, your leased Jeep can be modified. Just note that depending on your lease terms, you may need to remove these modifications prior to turning in your Jeep lease. From being able to customize your Jeep to enjoying a new, outstanding model every couple of years, leasing a Jeep is easy and smart. If you're looking to lease a new Jeep, the team at Orange Coast offers various Jeep lease deals, plus an impressive selection to help you find the right Jeep for your travels.One of the most popular Jeep lease deals, 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L, is shown in the driveway of a modern house.

Things You Should Know About Leasing

If you've never leased a vehicle before, it helps to be aware of what the leasing process entails and what to expect, so there are no surprises along the way. First and foremost, you're able to get a brand new vehicle every few years, depending on your lease terms, which vary. Many lease terms range from 24 months to 36 months, but you can choose what works best for you. You'll want to work with the dedicated team of finance professionals here at Orange Coast to design the payment plan for you, which will consist of a down payment and a monthly payment that is typically less than if you were to buy your Jeep. Of course, be sure to take advantage of current Jeep lease deals so that you're able to save more.

Depending on your lease terms, you will need to be aware of the mileage driven in your Jeep; however, with typical lease terms, mileage is not an issue unless you're a frequent long-distance commuter. Take good care of your leased Jeep, just like you would a vehicle that you owned, and at the end of your lease terms, think about what you'd like to do next. You'll have various options at the end of your Jeep lease, so make sure to weigh your choices and make the decision that works for you.

You can expect a lot of perks when you lease a vehicle, like new features, modern designs, and the latest tech, in addition to the assurance you're looking for in knowing that your vehicle won't let you down. Covered under warranty and brand new, your leased Jeep will let you travel confidently with less maintenance and fewer out-of-pocket costs attached, unlike if you were to buy your vehicle. When you buy, you're stuck with that vehicle, so when it gets older and breaks down, chances are it's out of warranty, and you'll be responsible for paying for any repairs needed. These are all the things you need to think about before making the decision between leasing vs buying your new Jeep.

A red 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited is shown from the side parked next to a river.

Familiarize Yourself With These Lease Terms Before Coming In

If you’re sold on leasing a vehicle, there are some important terms that you should familiarize yourself with. The first word being: term. The term of your lease is how long you are planning on driving the current Jeep model you are applying for. These typically range between 12 months to 36 months. Term may also be interchanged with the word “length” to describe the total amount of time you will have the vehicle. You should also understand the end-of-lease purchase options available to you. Sometimes when vehicles are leased, drivers fall in love with them and don’t want to part with them. Knowing that purchasing them is an option and how that might work is a great way to be prepared for when your lease term is up.

There are also a couple of different leases, so let's look at those so you can be prepared when you lease a vehicle. The first lease type is a closed-end lease. This is the most common lease term and involves a set beginning and end date. This type of lease gives you a start and finish time frame for your lease duration. The next type of lease is an open-end lease. These are a bit less common but don’t have a specified end date. The open-end lease has what's called a turn-in window. A turn-in window is the time frame during a lease in which a vehicle can be returned without having any penalties. This lease allows drivers flexibility to decide when they want to change leases. There’s also what’s called a single payment lease. This lease is pretty self-explanatory. You pay for the entirety of the lease in one go rather than making base monthly payments. The last term we want everyone to be aware of when leasing is the money factor. The money factor is the interest you are paying on your lease, which will influence the monthly base payment amount.

A grey 2022 Jeep Gladiator is shown from the front parked in the desert.

The 2022 Jeep Models Are Here and Available for Lease

The new 2022 models come with a lot of great lease options. One of Orange Coast's favorites is the 2022 Jeep Gladiator. These haven’t been out on the market for long, but we encourage everyone to take some time to get to know this powerful Jeep truck. Built for reliability and extensive capability, we believe that after you drive it and experience that 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine yourself, you’ll understand why it’s so popular! Leasing the Gladiator is a great opportunity for you to experience this vehicle without committing to it, so we encourage you to consider it as a potential option if you're looking for a true workhorse.

If the Gladiator isn’t for you, another great lease option is the 2022 Grand Cherokee 4xe. This plug-in hybrid is another great lease option for those who want to dip their toes into the hybrid world without fully immersing themselves in it. If you lease this option, you’ll experience an incredible 56 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent) along with all the perks of the subcompact SUV world. Leasing the 4xe is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of hybrids, and we can’t say enough good things about it.A silver 2021 Jeep Gladiator is shown towing jetskis on the beach.

An Array of Warranty Options for Leased Vehicles

If you’re stuck trying to decide whether you want to buy or lease, there are a couple of perks you can count on when you lease rather than buy. The first thing is warranties. Every new Jeep comes with a limited 3-year or 36,000-mile factory warranty. This warranty combines a couple of different warranties, including the bumper-to-bumper, emissions, and MOPAR warranties. The benefit of this warranty is that most drivers are leasing a vehicle because they want to be able to drive the newest vehicles available. That means they have shorter lease time frames that often fall within that 3-year, 36,000-mile mark, so your Jeep lease would be covered in warranty for the entire time you drive it. Then you bring it back, hop into another new Jeep, and you get to drive another vehicle that has a brand new warranty on it. This warranty guarantees peace of mind and the cost of any manufacturer-related repairs at basically nothing.
The bumper-to-bumper piece of this warranty covers basic factory defects and repairs. If your lease has any production flaw or defect, the bumper-to-bumper warranty covers that. This warranty covers everything factory and stock from one end of your vehicle to the other, excluding a few things such as tires. The next part of that factory warranty set is the emissions. This is a legally required warranty that covers your lease's throttle, controls, and fuel injection systems. This warranty covers things like spark plugs for those first three years or 36,000 miles. Since most of us forget about those pieces, it’s good to see that Jeep was thinking of them for us. The last piece of the Jeep suite of basic warranty coverage is the MOPAR. The MOPAR warranty essentially gets everything the other two categories miss, such as brake pads and mufflers. More likely than not, you won’t need to replace these pieces while you’re leasing your new Jeep, but knowing they’re covered and won’t cost you if you need to is a huge relief.

The next type of warranty that leased Jeeps have is the 5-year or 60,000-mile powertrain warranty. This warranty helps cover any parts or labor needed for the first five years or 60,000 miles on the Jeep powertrain. This includes any work needed for the engine, transmission, axle, and drivetrain. This is your peace of mind warranty that helps keep drivers feeling confident that they can drive their leased Jeep off the lot and not immediately need to fix it. This warranty is again ideal for leases because it is shorter term. Leases will be up well before those five years, which means it's covered for the entirety of your term. It's great to know that you have full warranties to keep you from paying out of pocket for manufacturing-related issues or repairs.A blue 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited is shown from the side parked in the forest.

Returning Your Jeep Lease

Like we mentioned above, you have options at the end of your Jeep lease, which is where you'll need to make a call for yourself, your budget, and your driving needs. Perhaps the most popular choice of them all is trading up for a newer model. By taking this option, you will be driving around in one of the newest, most highly sought-after vehicles in the Jeep lineup with all the bells and whistles, innovative tech, and much more. Another option you have is to return your leased vehicle and walk away, going back to your car buying search. Although some drivers take this option, it is highly uncommon here at Orange Coast, especially when a Jeep is involved.

The third option is deciding to keep your Jeep, which may be perfect for you, depending on your needs. When you keep your Jeep, it becomes yours. You take over the rest of the payments, and when you've paid it off, you're the proud owner of your very own Jeep. Bear in mind, however, that its features may become outdated, and any maintenance down the road will be your responsibility, especially if your vehicle is out of warranty. The important takeaway from all of this is that you have options when it comes to returning your Jeep lease, and if you want the most exciting Jeep models to choose from every couple of years, leasing may be the right fit for you.

We Make Leasing an Amazing Jeep Easy

There’s a lot of reasons to lease from us at Orange Coast. First and foremost, we are upfront and honest. We will tell you what options we think are best and what that may look like for you, which leads us to our second reason. We take the time to get to know you as a driver, a buyer, and a person. We never want to push someone into something they don’t want or won’t like, and we won’t push you to lease a vehicle if it’s not right for you. Because we spend so much time trying to get exactly what you want and need, you can feel sure that we’ve got your best interest at heart.

We aren’t just caring and compassionate, though. We are also knowledgeable. We have extensive knowledge of Jeeps, leases, and which ones will best fit your lifestyle and budget. We have a great team that’s dedicated to being informed, so we have the know-how to make a Jeep lease work for you. Leasing can be difficult to understand, so we like to make the process as simple as possible, and we take the time to explain it all to you while we go.



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