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If you’re searching for an LA used truck dealership, Orange Coast Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat is your one-stop shop when it comes to your next truck. From heavy-duty haulers to off-road adventurers, everyday commuters to frequent travelers, there’s a truck on our lot with your name on it. The need for a truck stems from having to complete bigger tasks, more difficult journeys, or tough work, and with so many options on the road today, it may be hard to narrow down your search.

That’s why the team at Orange Coast is ready to help you locate the perfect truck that suits every one of your travel or work needs. When you want to take advantage of our remarkable inventory and more affordable prices, buying used is one of your best options. Our lot is filled with strong, reliable trucks that offer intense capabilities, heightened style, and so much more, so if you’re ready for a successful shopping experience, let us help you find which type of truck will suit your needs the best.

A blue 2020 Ram 1500 is shown from the front in a parking garage after leaving a LA used truck dealership.

Size Options and Why They Matter

Vehicles are available in all shapes and sizes, especially pickup trucks. To say that you have options when it comes to your truck is an understatement, and one of the biggest choices you’ll need to make is what size truck you’d prefer. Not every driver has the same type of work or travel responsibilities, which means that there’s no one-size-fits-all truck available. However, if you consider your personal needs, you’ll be able to find the truck that works best for you.

For instance, many drivers prefer midsize trucks due to their easy-to-maneuver size, as well as the more affordable sticker price. Smaller than full-size and heavy-duty models, midsize options are perfect for those who want a truck that offers a smooth, controlled ride, maximum efficiency, and undeniable capabilities on the road and off. Mid-size trucks tend to perform much better than their larger counterparts when it comes to off-roading due to their small size and lighter weight. In addition, midsize trucks are often easier to operate, as well as easier to get in and out of, which makes them perfect for many types of drivers and many types of tasks.

When you’re looking for more room and enhanced capabilities, full-size trucks come in to save the day. Full-size trucks are larger than midsize options, and they exhibit more power as well, especially when it comes to towing and hauling. In exchange for increased power, you may notice a slight decrease in fuel efficiency; however, many full-size trucks offer impressive gas mileage as well, especially those with diesel engines. When your day warrants maximum power, heavy-duty trucks are there to prove that if you want a job done right, these trucks can handle anything. Offering outstanding power and a much more durable build, heavy-duty trucks are not just the biggest options in an automaker’s truck lineup; they’re also the strongest and best suited for demanding work.

A white 2020 Ram 2500 is shown from the front towing a large boat.

Other Important Considerations

Size may not play as important of a role for some drivers as capabilities do, and when you’re shopping for a truck, you’ll want to look at all the details before making your choice. For example, if you’re looking for a work truck to tow heavy equipment to the job site, you’ll need to look at towing capacity because the last thing you want is to buy a truck that can’t handle the task at hand. Midsize trucks exhibit favorable tow ratings; however, if you need more, full-size and heavy-duty models will surely be better suited for your needs.

Payload is another aspect to consider, especially when you need to haul various tools, materials, gear, and passengers each day. Again, you’ll be able to find the best payload ratings in larger trucks, which will come in handy when loading up with materials, tools, and anything else you plan on hauling around for the day. The heavier the load, the more capable your truck will need to be, so paying attention to how much payload you usually carry is highly advised when shopping for your next truck.

In addition to capabilities and overall size, you have other options to customize your truck to meet your specific needs, including bed size. On average, you’ll have your choice from a standard bed, which is about 6 ft 5 in long, or if you need less space, a short bed, which is about 5 ft 8 in long. For those who need more space, long bed options are also available, which are about 8 ft in length to accommodate more. You’ll also be able to choose from different cab sizes, depending on your needs, which range from regular cabs that offer two doors and one row of seating to extended cabs, which provide two or four doors with two rows of seating. There are also crew cabs that offer four full-size doors, perfect for transporting your work crew to the job site, and extended crew cabs with extra room for tools and passengers.

A blue 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 is shown from the side driving on an open road after leaving a LA used truck dealership.

We Carry Every Make and Model You Could Want Used

Now that you know what you should be looking for in a truck, which truck will meet your needs perfectly? At Orange Coast, we have every make and model of used truck that you could think of, making us one of the best places to shop when you’re on the hunt for a truck. From midsize options, like the Tacoma and Frontier to full-size models, like the classic F-150 and Chevy Silverado, plus heavy-duty options too, if you’re looking for the right pickup truck for your lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place.

It pays to buy used, not only because of the vast selection you get to choose from, but also all the desirable features you get to enjoy making your travels better. Features that may have been out of budget before are now pleasantly within budget when you opt for a model year that’s a couple of years old. Oftentimes, you’re able to find trucks that are only a year old, which means that you’re able to take advantage of some of the most coveted tech features, contemporary designs, and more, all for a much lower price than buying the same model brand new. There are so many obvious perks to buying used, and with a selection like Orange Coast’s, why shop anywhere else?

In addition to our unmatched inventory, you’ll notice right away that our team is a step above the rest. Our helpful and knowledgeable pros work with you to not only find the right truck to maximize your ride but also the best payment plan to fit your budget. We believe that everyone should have access to a reliable vehicle, and we work diligently to make that happen. Plus, with a service center standing by to keep your truck performing at its best for miles, there’s no denying that Orange Coast is the place to shop for a used truck in LA.

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