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Ram trucks have been some of the most powerful and impressive pickups on the road for decades and have proven themselves year after year for their strength and reliability. Whether you are interested in a used model or a brand new truck, the best way to ensure you get the highest quality and best selection possible is to choose a Ram dealership. Orange County is the perfect place to own a powerful truck, whether you are looking for something purely for fun, need a workhorse for your job, or you like to go off-road and hit California’s amazing trails.

Choosing the right Ram dealership in Orange County is about knowing what you need, seeing what is out there, and then going after what you want. Here at Orange Coast CJDRF, we are proud to offer the full lineup of impressive Ram trucks for you to choose from. With numerous trim levels and different engine options available, it is important that you turn to a Ram dealership you can trust when buying a vehicle. Come visit us at Orange Coast CJDRF today to see what we have available, and we will help you find the perfect Ram truck for your needs.

A white 2020 Ram 2500 is parked near the beach in Orange County.

Why a Ram Truck?

Ram trucks trace their history all the way back to the 1930s, when the Ram name was first used for different Dodge trucks, then made a return in the 1980s for updated Dodge pickup models. In 2009, the Ram pickup became its own entity and was separated from the Dodge division, giving birth to the modern Ram truck we all know and love. With so many different truck models out there, however, you might first wonder why you should pick a Ram truck over a different pickup from another company.

Ram pickups are renowned for their power and performance, and the modern generation of Ram trucks has set the highest standard of luxury features and technological options. As vehicle technology becomes more and more integrated into all the different systems of a truck, and even includes functionality with your smartphone, choosing a Ram truck means getting the very best of what is out there. When you visit our Ram dealership in Orange County, you know that the trucks you see are going to have the finest interior features and options, the most impressive degree of sophistication, and unbeatable technology that will take you further than anyone else.

Built to Serve

What it Means

A lot of companies out there come up with strong sounding slogans and phrases for their trucks to try to make you think they can do more than they really can. With the Ram trucks that you will find at your Ram dealership in Orange County, however, the phrase “Built to Serve” is not just a slogan used in advertising, it is emblematic of Ram’s commitment to those that serve. In particular, though not exclusively, it is recognition to America’s armed forces and the men and women that serve in its branches every day, protecting this country and securing the safety and freedom of hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

Ram is celebrating these men and women and showing its commitment to our armed forces now more than ever before. The exclusive “Built to Serve” edition of trucks that you can find at our Ram dealership in Orange County has been designed as a way to pay tribute to America’s soldiers and everything they do. Five different editions are being released, one to recognize each branch of the military, with custom colors and features to indicate each one. For Ram, “Built to Serve” is more than just a slogan, it is a way of life and one that they are proud to extend even beyond those that serve in the military.

Ram Nation Volunteers

A white 2020 Ram 1500 is leaving a house under construction.

The “Built to Serve” concept is being extended further than ever before, thanks to Ram Nation and the men and women that volunteer to help others. Ram Nation is a collection of people that see service as more than being in the military or choosing a career helping others, they volunteer their time and energy to help their fellow citizens. This is the kind of service that all of us here at your Ram dealership in Orange County are proud to be a part of and carry with us every single day.

Whether it is trucking in food, supplies, and clothing to people hit by natural disasters, or volunteering at local organizations and programs in need, the “Built to Serve” mentality is all about working to help each other. Ram has called on all of the people that make up Ram Nation to go out and volunteer whenever possible, to put in the hours necessary to make this world a better place. Service, to Ram and all of us here at Orange County CJDRF, is not something you do when it is convenient or when you are on the clock – it is a way of life that permeates every moment and elevates each of us to try harder and be better.

2020 Ram Pickup Models

The lineup of trucks from Ram this year is better than ever before. If you are interested in a midsize truck, then you are going to have to wait a bit longer for the all-new 2021 Ram Dakota. But if a full-size option is right for you, then you have three fantastic models to choose from so you can get exactly the right amount of power and performance for what you need.

2020 Ram 1500

It all starts with the 2020 Ram 1500, a full-size light-duty pickup truck that delivers tremendous power for a wide range of uses. Heavy-duty options are great, but we find a lot of our customers simply do not need that degree of muscle, so the Ram 1500 is the perfect choice for them. There are numerous trim levels to choose from, including the luxurious Laramie Longhorn and the Limited, both of which feature 100% leather seating. With a lot of other full-size trucks out there, you get “leather-trimmed seating” that really falls short on delivering what you deserve. This all-leather seating combined with a gorgeous available 12-inch infotainment screen, 7-inch full-color driver display with 3D graphics, and an available 19-speaker Harman Kardon premium audio system make the inside of the 2020 Ram 1500 truly remarkable.

There are numerous engines available on the 2020 Ram 1500, including a powerful 5.7L HEMI V8 engine. When properly configured, you get up to 12,750 lbs of towing capacity with this gorgeous pickup, which is enough to handle a wide range of tasks. If you need more power, then you are looking at a heavy-duty option being better for you, but otherwise, the 1500 is a great choice and starts at $31,895.

2020 Ram 2500

If you are interested in a heavy-duty pickup, then the first model to look at is the 2020 Ram 2500. At the core of the Ram 2500s incredible power is the high-strength steel used to make its frame, which gives it tremendous towing and payload capacity while also reducing its weight thanks to a small amount of aluminum. While the same great interior options found on the 1500 are available on the 2500, where it really shines is in terms of performance.

There are two powerful engines for you to choose from with the 2020 Ram 2500, depending on if you need higher towing or greater payload capacity. The 6.4L HEMI V8 engine offers 410 hp and 429 lb-ft of torque, giving the Ram 2500 up to 17,540 lbs of towing or up to 4,010 lbs of payload when properly configured. On the other hand, the available 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel I6 engine offers 370 hp and 850 lb-ft of torque; this gives you up to 19,680 lbs of towing or 3,160 lbs of payload. All of that power and performance starts off at $33,745.

A red 2020 Ram 2500 Power Wagon is driving off-road after leaving a Ram dealership in Orange County.

2020 Ram 3500

While the Ram 1500 and 2500 are both excellent trucks, if you need the highest amount of power possible with a consumer pickup, then check out the 2020 Ram 3500. Utilizing a high-strength steel frame like the 2500, the 3500 offers you incredible heavy-duty performance and even more impressive towing and payload capacities. Plus, the rich and luxurious interior options found in the 1500, like a 12-inch Infotainment display and all-leather seating are available on the 3500 too.

All of that style and sophistication does not come at the cost of raw power, however, as the Ram 3500 can go toe-to-toe with any other truck out there in its class. The 3500 has the same two engines available as the 2500, along with a third option. The 6.4L HEMI V8 engine gives the 3500 up to 18,210 lbs of towing or up to 7,680 lbs of payload capacity. With the standard 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel engine, you get up to 22,670 lbs of towing or 6,840 lbs of payload available. Finally, the High Output version of the 6.7L engine, which offers up to 400 hp and 1,000 lb-ft of torque, can handle up to 35,100 lbs of towing or 6,570 lbs of payload when properly equipped. If that sounds like what you need, then the Ram 3500 starts at $35,195.

Make Orange Coast CJDRF Your Choice

Here at Orange Coast CJDRF, we work hard every day to demonstrate why we are your Ram dealership here in Orange County. This is why we have been recognized with the Customer First Award for Excellence based on our knowledgeable staff, our excellent facilities, and our commitment to customer satisfaction. But we are not content to rest on our laurels, and instead, continue to push to be even better and give you the kind of service and support that you deserve.

Our salespeople are friendly and knowledgeable, trained on all the latest models and technology, and they are here to help you. At some other dealerships out there, you will find salespeople that are only there for one thing: to make a sale at any cost. We do not believe in that – to us, our sales staff and other fantastic coworkers here at Orange Coast CJDRF are here for you. As our customer, you are what is most important to us, and if that means helping you find the perfect Ram truck and making a sale, then that is great. But if it means you simply come in to discuss your options and learn more about the Ram lineup, then that is fine too.

It is easy for a Ram dealership in Orange County, like us, to talk about customer satisfaction and putting your needs first, but we prove that we are more than just talk. Take our 72-hour “Love it or Leave it” Guarantee, for example. We know what it is like to shop somewhere and have to make a tough decision, so we want you to be confident in your purchase. That is why we provide a 72-hour or 150-mile return policy on every single new and used vehicle we sell. There is no return fee or restocking fee – you receive a full refund if you bring a vehicle back to us within 72 hours or 150 miles. The reason does not matter – whether you realize you do not like the color or decide a different model would be better, whatever the reason we will give you a full refund. That is the difference that shopping with us here at your Ram dealership in Orange County makes.

A black 2020 Ram 3500 is towing a large trailer uphill.

Long-Term Service and Support

We also demonstrate our commitment to you, our customers, with our long-term support and factory-certified service center. When you drive away in the perfect Ram truck, we do not see that as the end of a sale, but rather as the beginning of a relationship. We want to be sure you always know where to turn and who to talk to if you have any questions or issues with your vehicle.

When it is time for routine service or maintenance, we will be here for you with our certified service center to help you with anything you need. Our factory-trained expert technicians and service professionals specialize in working on Ram trucks and the other vehicles that we sell, so they know just how to take care of them. Our service center is here for you Monday through Saturday, open at 7 am every day, and you can even schedule service online at your convenience.

We use factory OEM parts whenever possible in all the work we do, so you know your vehicle is well taken care of and as close to new as it can be. This protects your warranty coverage and ensures that you have the confidence in our work and in your vehicle that you deserve. If you want to order parts and do the work yourself, then we are happy to help with that too. Our parts department is well stocked with a large selection of parts, and we can order anything we do not have. Give us a call or stop by today to learn more and discuss what you are looking for.


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Conveniently Located in Orange County

Here at Orange Coast CJDRF, we are conveniently located in Costa Mesa, on Harbor Blvd between Baker St and Adams Ave. Whether you live here in Costa Mesa, or you are coming to us from Huntington Beach or Anaheim, we are happy to help and make your shopping experience as easy as possible.

We are located just a few thousand feet south of the 405 on Harbor Blvd, which makes it easy to get to us from all over Orange County. If you are coming to us from Pasadena or the Greater Los Angeles area, the easiest way to get to us is typically to use the 110 or 710 to get to the 405 and take that east until you reach the Harbor Blvd exit. Get off onto Harbor Blvd and head south a few minutes, just past Baker St, we will be on your right.

If you are coming to us from Laguna Beach, Long Beach, or even up in Santa Monica, then the PCH is probably your best bet. You can reach us by going north from Laguna or by heading south from Long Beach or Santa Monica. Simply get off on Newport Blvd (also called state route 55) and take that north a little ways into downtown Costa Mesa. Take a left onto Harbor Blvd and head north on that until you just pass Adams Ave, and we will be on your left.

Come visit us at Orange Coast CJDRF, your Ram dealership in Orange County, to see the amazing lineup of Ram pickups today and find the perfect truck for your needs.


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