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Are you looking to save money on a quality used car? If so, you've probably found yourself typing "used car dealerships near me" into a search engine over the past few weeks. Doing so will bring up all kinds of dealerships in the area and tens of thousands of cars. However, when it comes to used vehicles, the dealership you shop at is just as important as the vehicle you end up with. You don't want to buy from just any dealership out there. So which of these used dealerships near you should you consider? Here is everything you need to know about why Orange Coast CJDRF is one of the best used car dealerships to choose.

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Name Brand Dealerships vs General Used Car Lots

When shopping for a used car, there are a few options available to you. The first is a brand-focused dealership like ours. Brand-focused dealerships work directly with auto manufacturers, such as Ford, Chevy, Honda, Nissan, and others, to sell new vehicles. In our case, we sell new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and FIAT vehicles. However, our location and others will more often than not sell used vehicles as well. Typically a car owner will take their old vehicle in, use it as a trade-in to help reduce the price of the new vehicle they are interested in. Your second option is a general used car dealership that does not work directly with any manufacturer. They will buy used vehicles and then turn around and sell the vehicle. These dealerships will often also offer a trade-in option, but it is always a used car for a used car.

So, you'll need to determine if there is a benefit to going with a brand-focused dealership versus a generic used car lot. Likely where you live, there are several of these corner-lot dealers, many of which have no more than a few dozen cars at a time. There are some advantages and disadvantages to each, so you'll need to know what to expect.

With a brand-focused dealership, you will have a vehicle that has gone through a rigorous inspection. The same mechanics that service customer cars through the main dealership also work on all the vehicles coming in via trade-in. These are factory certified mechanics with the latest knowledge on all vehicle recalls and update requirements. Plus, these locations will also offer what is known as a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. There are several benefits to these vehicles, and you'll only find them at a dealership that works with the manufacturers.

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A general used car lot does not have the same kind of certified mechanic, and they might not have one at all. That isn't to say the mechanics do not have ample experience and haven't received their certifications. It's just something you'll want to look into. Additionally, you'll need to look through reviews of these locations to see if other shoppers have had favorable buying experiences. Because the general used car lots only have a few dozen vehicles at once, they need to constantly turn over the vehicles they do have, which means they might try to sell a car that won't last long after it rolls out of the shop. Or they might cut corners when inspecting and repairing cars coming in. It simply requires extra work on your part.

Orange Coast is a name brand dealership that is directly affiliated with Chrysler (including Ram, Dodge, and Jeep). However, at Orange Coast, we also sell all other used makes and models. This way, you have peace of mind knowing you have certified mechanics inspecting all used vehicles and a team of professionals working to bring you the best used vehicles possible.

Look Further Into The Car

If you have found a vehicle you're interested in, you need to check out the history of the vehicle. This will shed light on what it has been through in the past. A used car dealer should provide you with the Carfax. This is a detailed report of the vehicle, including its service records, information on past accidents, how many drivers it has had if it's ever been repossessed, and so on. The dealership should provide you with this kind of information. Most name-brand dealerships will. However, some off-brand locations may not offer up the information. It doesn't mean you can't obtain it, though. With the VIN on the vehicle, you can look it up yourself through the Carfax website. The only problem is you will need to pay for it (and if you're looking up the VIN on a half-dozen cars, it starts to add up). If the dealer is not willing to give you the Carfax report, there's a good chance there's something wrong with it, or it doesn't have the best ownership history.

At Orange Coast, we make sure you have all the information you need on every listed used and Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, which is why a Carfax report is provided to you. Car buying shouldn’t be difficult, and Orange Coast strives to make it as clear and easy as possible.

Do The Research

Whatever you decide to do and wherever you end up buying your used car from, just make sure you put in all your research. It will be the difference between leaving the lot and knowing you have a vehicle that will last and ending up in the shop month after month because you bought the dealer's lemon.

At Orange Coast, we want to make sure you always have peace of mind when shopping for a used car. That is why we offer a three-day unconditional money-back guarantee on all vehicles. This way, if you find you are not satisfied with your vehicle, you can bring it back, no questions asked, and receive your money back. After all, it's the goal at Orange Coast to make sure you always have the right vehicle that fits every one of your needs.

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Certified Pre-Owned

This is something you will find at a brand-focused dealership that works directly with the manufacturers. These are vehicles that meet very specific standards set out by the manufacturers, but usually, the vehicle needs to be less than six or seven model years old, under 70,000 miles, pass a 100+ point inspection, and typically have never been in an accident (although, again, these specifics will vary from one make to another).

When a vehicle meets all the requirements, it receives the certification. Certifications come with warranties that are similar to what a new car would receive. You'll also likely receive some form of Satellite radio trial for a few months, plus several benefits. Also, when a vehicle is a certified, pre-owned vehicle, it often comes with several improved purchase options. Often car manufacturers will offer to finance for new vehicles, but it may not cover used vehicles. In the case of a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, the manufacturer may extend the financing deals out to these vehicles as well. Typically a manufacturer's car loan comes with a better interest rate than what a bank or other lender will provide (they want you to buy their car, after all, so they need to be more competitive). Not all used car dealers have this.'

At Orange Coast, we go the extra mile for your and offer additional warranties on your Certified Pre-Owned car. You'll receive a pair of Chrysler warranties, featuring a 7 year/100,000 mile powertrain limited warranty, plus Roadside Assistance. And if you purchase a non-Chrysler certified vehicle, you'll receive that manufacturer's warranties (we can tell you more about the specific model when you find the perfect Certified Pre-Owned vehicle on the lot)


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