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Used Cars Near Me – Costa Mesa, CA

Are you shopping for a used vehicle? Are you searching endlessly for "used cars near me" on your search engine? Want to make sure it meets all California emissions requirements before you put down any money? You'll find it all here at Orange Coast.

Our used selection is one of the largest in the state, and every vehicle we sell will be up to California emission standards. This way, whether you're searching for a Jeep with removable top, a full-size pickup for hauling gear, or a minivan for taking kids to soccer, we have you covered. So come on out to Orange Cost and discover what sets us apart.

A black 2018 Jeep Cherokee, which is a popular option for used cars near me, is driving on a beach.

The Orange Coast Difference

Here at Orange Coast, we strive to be different than the other new and used dealerships throughout the state. We believe this difference is put on full display in our reviews online. With a 4.5-star rating on Yelp, a 4.4-star rating on Google, and a 4.8-star rating on Dealer Rating, we're among the highest-rated dealerships in California. There is a reason why we received the Customer First Award for Excellence.

Our dealership is a short drive for most of Southern California (directions below if you're looking to head out from around the region), and we have one of the largest selections anywhere. With over 700 new and used vehicles in stock, you have a better chance of finding a quality vehicle at a fair price here than anywhere. And, we provide a 72-hour guarantee. If you drive the vehicle and don't like it, bring it back within 72-hours, and we'll swap it out for something else.

A red 2020 Jeep Wrangler is driving on a curvy road near Costa Mesa, CA.


We also have a fully licensed and certified parts staff. No matter the make or model, our staff can help perform any maintenance you need, plus if you'd like to update your vehicle, add new modifications to your Jeep, or have been wanting a lift on your truck, let our staff do it.

Used Vehicle Buying Tips

Before you come out and see us, we do have a few tips for used vehicle shopping. First, you need to have a budget ahead of time. Knowing what you're comfortable spending will help keep all the available vehicles in perspective. You'll instantly know what you can or can't afford comfortably in your budget by having a set price point.

Next, know what kind of vehicle you want, or at the very least, what you want your vehicle to do. Do you want a vehicle with room for seven? Perhaps you want something that can tow the 5,000-pound trailer you have, but you're not sure if you want a truck. Do you want something with excellent gas mileage? If you don't know the specific style of vehicle you want (such as a compact car or mid-size crossover SUV), at least know what you want it to do. With these bullet points established, our staff will be able to work with you and connect you to what's available on the lot.

Easy Financing Applications

Feel free to talk with your bank about financing options. There's never an obligation to take out the loan they have. With this in hand, though, you can also talk to us about financing. We have easy financing, and you can fill out the application online if you'd like. This will give you an idea of what monthly payments might be and how much you qualify for. You can then compare what we provide to what your bank provides and go with what works best for you.

And if you have poor credit? Don't worry; our expert finance department can work with you. After all, you need a vehicle, and poor credit shouldn't prevent you from owning one.

A smiling mechanic is standing in a garage with a blurred car behind him.

Full-Service Department

We have a full parts and service department for all vehicle makes and models. You can bring your vehicle in for all servicing, oil changes, repairs, and upgrades. If you're someone who likes to work on your own vehicle, we are here to help as well. We love to talk shop with people who enjoy getting under the hood, changing their own oil, parts, and performing their own upgrades. So let us order your next parts. This way, you will know for sure you're ordering the right gear for your particular vehicle. The parts can then come into the dealership, which is helpful if you don't want your parts sitting outside your home while you're at work. Whatever works best for you, we'll make it happen.

A Used Ford Escape

A red 2017 Ford Escape drives by a cafe after searching Used Cars Near Me Costa Mesa, CA

The Ford Escape is a practical, family-friendly SUV that is built for safety. It has more standard safety features than you'll find just about anywhere else. It's also the only SUV on this list that has a hybrid and plug-in hybrid model.

Before diving into the newest used offerings you’ll find on the lot (especially with 2021 models right around the corner), let’s look at some of the slightly older models. The 2015 and 2014 Escapes are roughly the same; only the 2015 has a handful of new paint options. However, if you want the tech upgrades, you’ll want to shop for the 2016 model, which introduced the Ford SYNC 3 system in the Escape lineup. The 2017 edition followed up the 2016 release with a mid-gen upgrade, including more fuel-efficient EcoBoost engines and updated grilles.

Some of the safety features you'll find on the more recent Escapes include Pre-Collision Assist with automatic emergency braking, Active Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Evasive Steering Assist, and others.

The Ford Escape's Trims

The base is the Escape S. The SE comes with a few internal features and an upgraded audio system. The SE Sport Hybrid gives you the hybrid engine option, while the SEL trim package comes with new wheels and superior leather seating options on the interior of the SUV. The Titanium trim is the top-tier option; it comes with superior LED lighting, leather, not to mention an upgraded sound system and all the bells and whistles you might want for an improved driving experience.

A Used Dodge Durango

A black 2019 used Dodge Durango with red racing stripes driving on a city street outside Costa Mesa CA

The Durango takes full advantage of Dodge's love to drop performance specs into all of its vehicles. The most recent model has best-in-class towing at 6,200 pounds. That's more than several trucks out there. And that's just with the V6. If you go with the 5.7L V8 engine, you'll hit 7,400 pounds, and then a monstrous 8,700 pounds with the 6.4L V8 HEMI. You're not going to find towing specs like that on any other SUV.

The Dodge Durango's Trims

The base is the SXT with its 3.6L V6 engine. The SXT Plus comes with roof rails and eight-way power driver-adjustable seating. The GT trim uses 20-inch wheels and LED fog lamps while the GT Plus uses a performance hood, power liftgate, and it has a 115-volt AUX power outlet. The Citadel uses 20-inch platinum chrome wheels and leather-trimmed seating.

The R/T comes with the larger 5.7L V8 engine and 20-inch high gloss black aluminum wheels. The Durango SRT upgrades the engine further with a 6.4L V8, flat-bottom performance steering wheel, active noise cancellation, and all kinds of perks.

Or maybe you’d like to go with something a bit older. You don’t need just one model year removed from new. You are interested in power but still want to save money. For the 2015 edition, there are a number of trims, including the Rally Appearance Package, which gave more features on top of the traditional Limited. You’ll also find Beats by Dre audio on the R/T trim. With the 2016 edition, you’ll find the Dodge UConnect system is faster, and we love the blacked-out Citadel trim. 2017 didn’t add too much to the trims and features, although if you’re a chrome fan, there are more chrome accents. The UConnect screen size does increase to 8.4-inches in all of the trims.

Shopping For A Used Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

A red 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is driving over a bridge. You can find these used cars near Costa Mesa, CA.

If you have been looking for an SUV that can do it all, there is nothing better than the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. This is a four-door version of the classic Jeep that first came out with the 2007 third-generation Wrangler. The original Unlimited release did have a wider wheelbase than the two-door design, with an added 20-inches of space.

Since the original release of the Unlimited, the four-door Jeep design has become one of the Jeep brand's best-selling SUVs. In fact, it now makes up nearly 75 percent of all current Wrangler sales. So, if you're looking for a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, you are in luck because you'll have several options to choose from.

Beyond the larger stance of the original Wrangler Unlimited, it has all the same features, including the same standard engine options as the two-door construction. These engines include a 3.6L Pentastar V6 that produces 285 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque or a 3.8L V6 that produces 202 horsepower and 237 lb-ft of torque.

When looking at the original Unlimited, you will want to check the drivetrain. Between the 2007 and 2010 model years, there was the option for rear-wheel drive. However, starting with the 2011 model year, four-wheel drive was the only option. And, in case you're wondering, beginning in 2011, the Wrangler Unlimited became the only four-door convertible vehicle in the United States with the discontinue of the Hummer H1.

The JK Wrangler Unlimited did come with several features, such as electronic stability, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and a navigation system.

The most recent update to the Wrangler line is the Jeep Wrangler JL. This kicked off in 2017 with the 2018 model year. You can find the Wrangler Unlimited with either a 2.0L Turbo I4 or a 3.6L V6 engine. If you are lucky, you might find a Wrangler with a TurboDiesel engine, although, the TurboDiesel option is in European models, so the chances of you finding it here are slim. There are more trim options available with the JL Unlimited edition. This includes the Sport, Sport S, Sport Altitude, Sahara, Sahara Altitude, Rubicon, and Moab. Some of these trims only come as the Unlimited four-door design, so if you're shopping for a Wrangler, you'll find you have more variation with the four-door Unlimited construction.

Finding A Used Ram 1500 Classic

A gray 2019 Ram 1500 Classic is parked in an alley at night.

The very first Ram pickup came out back in 1981 with the D100. Eventually, the pickup took on the name Ram D150 during the first generation, and then with the second generation release in 1993, the Dodge Ram 1500. During the fourth generation of the Ram 1500, Chrysler spun the Ram lineup into its own division, separating it from Dodge. Starting in 2010, the Ram 1500 became its own pickup. The truck maintained its familiar crossbar grille throughout almost the entire duration of this trim, although the Ram Rebel 1500 came out in 2016 featuring the new RAM stamped Grille. Eventually, the fifth-generation Ram 1500 took on this entire look. However, Ram decided to still offer the classic look by selling what it calls the Ram 1500 Classic. Essentially, while you can purchase a Ram 1500 fifth-generation pickup, you can also buy a brand new Ram 1500 Classic, which is an extension of the fourth generation.

The Ram 1500 Classic became official with the 2019 model year. So if you see a 2019 or 2020 Ram 1500 that maintains the classic crossbar, it is called a Classic. The Classic 1500 is slightly smaller than the current fifth generation, and the engines are slightly less powerful (although not by much, and with such a slight difference, you likely won't notice it). The Classic, because it is built on the older assembly line, has a lower price point as well. This allows you to purchase a used Ram 1500 Classic for less than the new fifth generation models.

If you're looking at the Ram 1500 Classic you're likely looking at a Certified Pre-Owned Ram (unless the previous owner put on some serious mileage in a year or so of ownership). In general, the Classic is designed as a Ram pickup option for those who want a pickup without all of the high-end features of the new fifth generation Ram 1500. It comes with a few trims, including the Tradesman, Express, Big Horn and Lone Star, plus an SSV.

You won't have as many engine options as you would with the standard Ram 1500. Basically, you'll be pushed into a 5.7L HEMI V8 that produces 395 horsepower and 410 lb-ft of torque. Want one of the other engines Ram offers? You'll need to go with the fifth generation or a pre-Classic fourth generation. You will be able to toe 10,140 lbs, though, so you'll have power and performance with the Ram 1500 Classic.

Looking for a Used Jeep Grand Cherokee

A gray 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk is parked in a lot outside Costa Mesa, CA.

When you want a midsized SUV that is equal parts powerful and luxurious, there really isn't anything else out there that can match the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The original Grand Cherokee came out with the first generation in 1993. Currently, the fourth generation is running strong and has been operational since 2011. Due to this, don't be surprised if you see Jeep announce a new generation for the Cherokee in the next year or so (this is the longest model generation the Grand Cherokee has had by several years).

The engine you end up within your used Jeep Grand Cherokee will be dependent on the model year you buy. You'll find several options when you start your search but the most popular might be a 3.6L V6 that produces between 290 and 295 horsepower and up to 260 lb-ft of torque. The 3.6L engine has been around since the first year of the generation, as has a 5.7L HEMI V8 that offers drivers up to 360 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque.

Starting in 2012, Jeep started using a 6.4L HEMI V8 for its SRT8 and SRT trims. You'll also find a 3.0L V6 diesel engine starting in 2014 with 240 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque in several post-2014 trims.

If you're looking for this kind of SUV you are in luck, as sales for the Jeep Grand Cherokee are at the highest point since the vehicle sold 300,000 units back in 1999. This will give you plenty of used options to choose from as people trade in their old models for newer ones.

This is a solid investment as well when you want a safe SUV. With the 2011 release of the fourth generation Jeep Grand Cherokee, the IIHS listed it as its Top Safety Pick. Some of the other awards the redesigned Grand Cherokee won with its release include Consumers Digest "Best Buy" for the 2011 model year. MSN Autos named it the Safest SUV in the United States, and The Detroit News named it the "Truck of the Year" in 2011 (thanks to the engine and towing performance of the vehicle, which rivals that of some pickups).


Directions From Long Beach

If you're heading out from Long Beach, don't worry, it's a far easier drive heading our way than going north into LA. It's about a 25-mile drive, and it's almost all highway driving (while thankfully, you'll only be on the 710 for a few miles). You'll want to head north on the 710 and then take the 405 South to Harbor Blvd in Costa Mesa. From here, hook onto exit 11B and follow Harbor Blvd straight to the dealership. We're just around the corner from Orange Coast College.

Now, if the 710 looks like a total nightmare (and let's be honest, that's almost all the time), you can head east via 7th street. It will add a few minutes to your drive, but if you're traveling during rush hour, it may be the best option. For this, just stay on 7th until CA-22 East. Then hop onto the 405 South to Harbor Blvd and take exit 11B. Like the above directions, keep on coming until you see us at 2929 Harbor Blvd.

Directions From Anaheim

When coming our way from Anaheim, it depends on the time of day. When traveling during the middle part of the day, just hop on I-5 South. Keep on until you hit exit 11. Take the exit and stay on Harbor Blvd until you find us. However, if coming our way early in the morning or later in the evening, you'll want to avoid the Disneyland traffic. For this, you'll want to catch CA-91 East/Riverside and stay on here until you hit Costa Mesa. The highway does hook around. Merge onto I-405 and take exit 11, then again follow Harbor Blvd to us.


Directions From Buena Park

Coming to us from Buena Park? During the daytime, just hop on I-5 and head south, merge onto the 405 and take exit 11, then stay on Harbor Blvd. Again, you'll be passing Disneyland, which can cause some traffic problems earlier in the morning and in the evening. So you might want to go south on State 39 S/Beach Blvd. Follow this and the 405 S/San Diego Fwy and then take exit 11B from the 405/San Diego Fwy. This will drop you onto Harbor Blvd. Keep going, and you'll see us. If, for whatever reason, you reach the Costa Mesa Golf Course on your right, it means you've gone too far.

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