5 Reasons to Choose a Ram Dealership

March 8th, 2019 by

A blue 2019 Ram 2500 powers through a dirt trail

When you want to buy a new or used Ram, you might not be sure where to go or who to buy from and turn to the Internet for help. As many of us do, you might start your search by typing “Ram dealers near me” and just go from there. That’s not a bad way to start, but as soon as you do that, you will likely be overwhelmed by the absolute deluge of results and options available to you. Not just dealerships, but online car-sellers, services that match you up with private sellers, and of course private sellers themselves making posts online.

How do you navigate all those results and find the right Ram for you at a price that is reasonable and with protection for your purchase? Well, the simple answer is that you should choose a real Ram dealership over many of those other services. A dealership gives you a solid place to turn to, with an established reputation and a history of service that you can look at and use to make an informed decision. Private sellers and online services are only as reliable as the people behind them, and that gives you little in the way of history or background.

Not to mention the fact that a Ram dealer near you can provide you with long-term service and support for your vehicle. That’s something that private sellers and online services will likely shrug at and leave you to fend for yourself. Still uncertain you should choose a Ram dealership? Well, consider this…

Reason #1 – Large Inventory

One of the best reasons to choose a Ram dealer near you instead of an online service or private seller is that the dealer will usually have a larger inventory than anyone else. While a website might seem like it has a large inventory because it represents hundreds of different private sellers, there is no real connection between those vehicles. Each one should be considered its own thing since there’s no way for you to know the background of all of them.

One dealership with a single, large inventory gives you the information you need and has it all in one place for you. Plus, a Ram dealership near you is going to typically have both new and pre-owned vehicles, so you have more options to choose from. When you’re looking at new vehicles, a dealership will be able to provide you with more options in terms of the models you can choose from, as well as the different trim levels available on those vehicles.

Reason #2 – Financing Options

Depending on what your financial situation looks like, the financing options available to you can be incredibly important and make the difference between getting a vehicle and not. A Ram dealer near you will usually have more financing options available to choose from and work with you when trying to get a new or used vehicle. This can vary from dealership to dealership, of course, but in general, they usually have more options and ways to work with you. This is especially important if you have poor credit and need to see what kinds of options you might have that you don’t even know about.

A private seller, on the other hand, is really only going to accept a full payment upfront for the amount he or she wants for a vehicle. Online sellers might seem like they have a lot of options, but they usually are restricted based on their location and how they sell their vehicles. Besides, when it comes to something as important as financing your vehicle for thousands of dollars, you should have someone you can look in the eye and work with, rather than a chat box on your phone.

Reason #3 – Background and History

For the most part, a Ram dealer near you is going to be an established business that has typically been around for quite a few years, perhaps decades. You can find out about the owner of the dealership, his or her reputation within the community, and talk to friends or neighbors about their experiences at that location. It’s in the best interest of a dealership like this to treat its customers well and build a positive reputation, which gives you the advantage when you go to a local dealer and work with a salesperson to buy a vehicle.

On the other hand, online services and private sellers have no such liability and typically have little in the way of background that you can look into before making a purchase. A private seller is only as good as his or her word, so you have to rely on what that person says about the vehicle and how well they have treated it. Online services can have reviews posted on their website, but there is no way for you to know just how genuine those really are. Since they do not rely on a physical location and local support, there is little initiative for them to deal with every customer with respect and honesty.

Reason #4 – Future Service and Maintenance

You might not think about this before buying a vehicle, but no matter how good your car or truck is, it will need maintenance and service in the future. Fortunately, there are a lot of good mechanics out there who can work on a wide range of vehicles, but sometimes you need a dealership to deal with a particular issue. For example, what if there is a recall on a part in the vehicle you own? If a recall happens, the dealer you bought your Ram from will make sure your vehicle is properly serviced and the part is replaced.
If you have made a purchase from an online service or private seller, you have no such protection on your purchase. You are on the line for replacing a recalled part or making sure your vehicle is properly maintained over the next few years. It may not seem like a big deal right now, but once you have the vehicle and find yourself in need of help or service, then you’ll be happy you have a Ram dealer near you to rely on.

A 2019 Ram 1500 Classic in the limited edition Hydro Blue package, coming to select Ram dealers near me and you in 2019

Reason #5 – Protection for Your Investment

Similarly, dealerships typically offer the most comprehensive and meaningful warranties and protection plans on the vehicles they sell. These warranties are usually backed up directly by the manufacturer of the vehicle, so you know it is as good as possible. With a brand new vehicle, the warranty is going to be the best available and give you peace of mind on your purchase.

Buying from a private seller or online service, however, rarely offers a similar warranty or protection for your investment. If you buy a car from a private seller and it breaks down two weeks later, there is nothing you can do but absorb the cost of any repairs that need to be made. Warranties typically do not transfer from a private seller to a buyer, and so you do not have the protection they had when they bought the vehicle. Similarly, online services do not usually have warranties backed by manufacturers, so the coverage they offer is typically far less than what you can get at a dealership.