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A white 2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara, acquired through Jeep lease deals, is driving on the sand near Costa Mesa, CA.

With the warmer weather swinging back into our lives the motivation for outdoor activities is increasing. Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like a good mudding session with the roof down and doors off. Since we were little, one of the seasonal milestones alongside that one person who wears flip-flops every single day, was that one person intentionally driving around with half of a vehicle. In Costa Mesa, CA it is always Jeep season. So when you are ready to hop into a new Jeep, lease deals are the easiest way to get your hands on that spontaneous adventure you’ve been craving.

While there are opinions and stereotypes associated with Jeep drivers, you can’t deny that they are always prepared for a good time. Since the mid-80s when the Wrangler first made its debut, off-roading lovers view highly of the Wrangler models. It usually attracts the young, spirited person, but certainly doesn’t discriminate against whoever can handle its quirkiness.

There are three main types of Jeep Wranglers: the Sport and Sport S, the Rubicon and Rubicon Recon, and the Sahara. Each year there are limited edition Wranglers produced, which include Willys Wheeler, Willys Wheeler W, and the Freedom edition Jeep. All of the 2019 Jeep Wranglers come in nine color options, and all except the Sahara and MOAB are available as either a two-door or four-door. Their prices vary over the options available to fit your Jeep, but lease deals aren’t hard to come by for the majority of these vehicles.


The Sport, with a starting price of $28,045, has a 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine, allowing for an impressive 285 horsepower and 260 pounds/foot of torque. The two-door model gets 17 city miles and 25 highway miles, while the four-door option gets 17 city miles and 23 highway miles. Whether a two-door or a four-door, the models will have the same steering wheel, but two options for interior color, and two options for the roof.

One of the new roof options is the Sunrider, which is a zipper-less soft top, which makes removing and returning the roof an easier process. The Uconnect touchscreen will show the area behind the vehicle with the ParkView Rear Backup Camera once the Jeep has shifted into reverse. Any off-roading experience becomes easier to tackle with the Command-Trac Part Time 4×4 System. After four wheel drive is activated, a 50/50 split of torque is distributed to all axles.

Sport S

One step higher is the Sport S, which starts at $31,245. The two-door models have an improved torque and fuel efficiency from the 2.0-liter direct-injection turbo engine. Low rpm range is given enhancements due to the technology advancements with the powertrain. Like the sport, it comes in two interior color options, but has two wheel options and four roof options.

A three-piece black modular hardtop is one of the available roofs with this model. The three pieces make switching out and storing the roofless cumbersome than other roofs. The Active Safety Group package is available with the Sport S, which includes a monitoring system for blind spots. With the monitoring system, changing lanes becomes less risky, alerting the driver by activating an icon on the exterior mirrors when there is another vehicle approaching on that side. Uconnect is available with a seven-inch touchscreen. Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto can be accessed through the Uconnect interface to minimize any possible distractions.


A silver 2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is driving on the sand near Costa Mesa, CA.

The Rubicon, with a starting MSRP of $38,045, has the same 2.0 liter direct-injection turbo engine and optimized powertrain as the Sport S. It has two wheel options, three interior color options, and five roof options.

The Sky One-Tough Power Top is a brand new roof that is operated just by pressing a button. The time it takes to open the roof completely is about twenty seconds. On those particularly warm days, the quarter windows can be quickly removed as well. This model has taller, 33-inch tires, made to enhance off-roading with impressive traction. Tru-Lok evenly distributes and locks power to its wheels, which significantly improves rock crawling at low speeds. With high clearance fender flares, ground clearance reaches 10.8 inches. The sway bar disconnect enhances off-roading experiences, as it drops and compresses the front wheels when necessary.


As we keep moving up, we reach the Sahara, which has a starting MSRP of $38,395. Again, we see two wheel options, but four interior color options and six different roof options. The Sahara has the same engine as the Sport S and the Rubicon, with fuel efficiency improved by 35% on two-door models.

The Sky One-Touch is also available on the Sahara, for an easier way to open up the roof. Selec-Trac® 4×4 System automatically engages four-wheel drive to further improve traction, whether off-roading or when driving in inclement weather if necessary. The aluminum, 18-inch wheels come standard and fender flares that match the body color of the Jeep.

The most impressive version of the Uconnect is the 4C NAV. Its 8.4-inch touchscreen assists the driver when navigating to anything from the grocery store to off-roading locations. It integrates smartphone technology as well as vehicle controls with a 4G WiFi Hotspot supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


The appropriately named MOAB is the top dog when it comes to 2019 Jeep Wranglers. Its starting MSRP is $51,300 and available for lease deals, though only meant for those who can handle its power. Although it has only two wheel options and three roof options, it has more than impressive off-roading performance features.

The MOAB is equipped with a dual power-dome vented hood, front and rear black tow hooks, Jeep Performance Parts rock rails, and the Selec-Trac® Full-Time 4×4 System that we see with some of the other 2019 models. The steel front bumper and removable end caps further improve the vehicle’s clearance while the Performance Parts improve the protection of the vehicle while off-roading. All Jeeps have unique lights in comparison to other brands, making it easy to tell if there’s a Jeep on the road. The LED headlights, fog lamps, tail-lamps, and running lamps are standard with this model.

On the days when it’s chilly or the temperature dips, this model offers not only heated seats, but a heated steering wheel to warm you back up. On those seats, you will find leather trim and Jeep’s logo. The leather trim is spotted throughout the interior of the MOAB, specifically on the park brake handle, shift knob, and the dashboard.

Jeep Wranglers are loved

Whether it’s Jeep season or not, a wrangler can help you get things done. The 2019 Jeep Wrangler can be leased for around $319 per month, but there are Jeep lease deals waiting to be taken advantage of. So, anyone who thinks that they can handle the adventurous nature of a Jeep Wrangler is able to get their hands on one. At our Orange Coast Cadillac Dodge Jeep and Ram, we can get you behind the wheel of one of these awesome off-road ready vehicles.

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