Jeep’s Hawk Series Performance Vehicles are Gaining Popularity

July 27th, 2018 by

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Jeep has always been recognized as a brand known for its durability and ruggedness, as well as its ability to effectively and successfully navigate any terrain. Though Jeep has created and continues to create, one of the most diverse vehicle lineups in the automobile industry, all our vehicles share a common thread.

Just as much as each Jeep model expresses individuality, each vehicle also displays the fundamental characteristics that the brand is built upon. A visit to a Jeep dealership near you is all that’s needed to see first hand which model might fit you and your personality the best.

In keeping with that longstanding tradition, but also raising the bar ever slow slightly, Jeep has introduced the Hawk Series to its trim level. The Hawk Series currently includes the Trailhawk and Trackhawk trim levels. According to reports, within two years, Jeep is scheduled to add the Deserthawk moniker to the Hawk Series trim levels. It’s the perfect time to take a more in-depth look at each trim level and see why this fairly new series is already a fan favorite.



You may find the Trailhawk designation familiar, and rightly so. Jeep first introduced Trailhawk as the name of a vehicle, specifically a midsize concept SUV. In 2007, at the North American International Auto Show, the Jeep Trailhawk was unveiled. At first glance, it resembled a convertible Cherokee, but for the heart of what defined this vehicle, you had to dig a little deeper.

The Jeep Trailhawk was built on the Wrangler Limited platform, but that’s not the only Wrangler design aesthetic the two vehicles share. The Trailhawk’s convertible feature was designed to resemble the “open-air” feel of the soft-top Jeep Wrangler. This midsize concept SUV achieves its convertible look courtesy of two removable tinted glass panels that cover the vehicle’s cabin space. The Trailhawk features an elongated wheelbase, offering comfortable seating for four. A 215-horsepower 3.0L V-6 diesel engine powered the Trailhawk.

The next step in the Trailhawk moniker’s evolution came in 2012 when Trailhawk transitioned from being the name of a Jeep vehicle to becoming a trim-level designation with an off-road overtone. Jeep selected the Grand Cherokee to introduce this cutting-edge trim level to the world.

The Trailhawk trim debuted on the Grand Cherokee concept vehicle in early 2012 at the 46thAnnual Moab Easter Jeep Safari. The Grand Cherokee featured the signature red Trailhawk and Trail Rated badge, which was stamped in various places on the SUV’s exterior and interior. The midsize SUV features off-road equipment and complementary features, including the Selec-Terrain control system to ensure drivers can effectively and safely navigate any surface. The Selec-Terrain system gives drivers the ability to select from five driving modes, including snow, rock, sand/mud, sport, and auto.

The Grand Cherokee Trailhawk can be equipped with either a V6 or V8 engine, and it comes standard with a Quadra-Lift air-suspension system that gives it at least 11 inches of ground clearance. To finish customizing your Grand Cherokee Trailhawk, Jeep offers a five-color paint palette, including Bright White, Mineral Gray, and Deep Clay Red.

As with trim levels, the Trailhawk trim was designed to be applied to any vehicle as long as it meets the standards to make it a compatible option. Since its initial debut on the Grand Cherokee concept vehicle, the Trailhawk trim level is now available for other Jeep vehicles, including the 2014 Cherokee, 2015 Renegade, 2017 Grand Cherokee, and the 2017 Compass.



For the 2018 lineup, Jeep introduced another trim level to the Hawk Series, the Trackhawk. This trim level is more of a street-oriented package. The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk was unveiled at the 2017 New York Auto Show.

First and foremost, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk exudes power, first and foremost. It takes its cues from the Dodge Challenger SRT and Dodge Charger SRT. It comes standard with a 6.2L V-8 engine that produces an astounding 707 horsepower and 645 lb-ft of torque. This powerful engine is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission. Historically, it is the fastest SUV on record. According to reports, this SUV can go from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and cover a quarter mile in roughly 11.6 seconds. Its maximum speed is 180 mph. For a vehicle weighing a little over two tons, that’s astonishing.

The breathtaking attributes of this SUV continue as you move into the interior. Jeep designed the interior using some of most high-end materials available. For example, the seats are covered in Nappa leather and accented with Alcantara suede. To complement the luxurious materials, the front seats are heated and ventilated. Available options include a panoramic sunroof and premium sound system.



According to reports, Jeep is scheduled to release the newest member of the Hawk Series, the Deserthawk, in 2020. As the name alludes to, this performance trim will be centered around sand-running.

As is the case with the Trailhawk trim, the name Deserthawk may seem familiar. Jeep rolled out the Jeep Renegade Deserthawk, but according to experts, the Renegade Deserthawk was merely the Jeep Trailhawk with a few added features, including a signature color scheme.

In comparison to the Jeep Renegade Deserthawk, the 2020 Jeep Cherokee Deserthawk will be upgraded with “eight desert-specific engineering standards.” As a result of these engineering upgrades, the SUV will be characterized by a high-speed sand capability. The new Jeep Cherokee Deserthawk will carry a triangular Desert Rated badge.

As with the Trailhawk and Trackhawk trims, though the Jeep Cherokee is used to market the Deserthawk trim, any member of the Jeep family of vehicles can be outfitted with the trim as long as it meets the engineering standards to be compatible.

The Deserthawk trim is projected to add between $5,000 and $10,000 to the SUV’s sticker price.

Stay tuned for more information as Jeep releases it.

The Trailhawk, Trackhawk, and Deserthawk trim levels are another chapter in Jeep’s longstanding history of bringing innovation to the forefront via its vehicle lineup. Jeep has displayed a comprehensive understanding of automobile concepts, what’s needed in the automobile industry, and what its loyal consumer base wants. According to reports, Jeep is projected to add a fourth member to the Hawk Series. That’s a positive sign, the Hawk Series is gaining popularity.

For an up-close and personal experience, visit your local Jeep dealership for a test drive.